Month: February 2016

AN-013 – MINDSET 5/9 | ‘Negativity Bias’ with SHARON BOTT

“… al of our brains – no matter who we are – react more strongly to negative events. The asymmetric response to positive and negative events is rooted in the brain’s processing of emotion. Negative events cause greater self-referential activity in the medial prefrontal cortex and aslo increased activity in the insula, which is responsible for noticing visceral sensations. Lastly, they also engage more of an emotional response in the amygdala and hippocampus”. Yes … but what does it all mean? And is it helpful to know? The book mentioned and the quote above is from ‘The Upward Spiral’...

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AN-012 – MINDSET 4/9 | Introvert/Extrovert?

Actors, as performers are often assumed to be extrovert. But it ain’t necessarily so! In fact, you yourself may be labouring under the illusion that you’re an extrovert when really, you’re an introvert – and visa versa. The defining experience of being either, isn’t quite what we think, and may help you reassess the way you think about yourself. Or...

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AN-011 | Synchronicity

As actors, we all would love to know where the next job is coming from, what’s it going to be, what it’s going to demand of us and where it’s going to lead us. Oh, if only … I wish, at the age of 61, that I did have some magic formula to pass on to you that gave you the power to determine the trajectory of your career, and to be able to divine your next best move from the plethora of actions available to you. Sometimes indeed, the scant feedback from most of the actions we do...

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AN-010 – MINDSET 3/9 | ‘People’ with SHARON BOTT

‘People’ seems like rather a large subject for a 20 minute podcast. There are just so many of them – and they’re all different. How can I cope – especially when my well-being, the next job, my career may depend on how I occur to the next person I meet? Well, relax. We don’t think it’s a case of understanding and adapting to each individual or group you meet and/or work with. It’s more about understanding and adapting just one person –...

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AN-008 | Interview with MHAIRI MORRISON, creator of ‘Feathers & Toast’ comedy web series.

For the first INSIDE THE ACTORCHAT STUDIO interview, I was thrilled to be able to welcome actress MHAIRI MORRISON, creator and star of the hit TV and web series “Feathers & Toast”.   In our chat we not only talked about her career and training, mime, comedy and live stand-up comedy, but also her experience of moving herself to Los Angeles and adapting to and surviving the Hollywood way.         Mhairi attained her BA in Theater from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before studying movement and mime at Jacques Le Coq, Paris....

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