Month: January 2016

AN-006 | Sand in the Oyster

When we get a new script in the hand, it's all too easy to succumb to some less than helpful habits in our keenness to make our mark on the role. Inspired by a quote from a slightly surprising source, here's a thought about character development that may help shake out any old, stale habits you may have fallen...

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AN-005 | Podcasting: what’s in it for actors?

What's all the fuss about podcasting? Is there anything in it for me as an actor? Should I be paying attention? I'm joined by co-host of the POWERFUL NONSENSE podcast, actor Wayne Ingram, in this recording of an hour long ActorChat video discussion about the advantages and some pitfalls of podcasting for...

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AN-004 | Upset – it’s no big deal

It strikes me that many of us learned, very early in life, there was a huge payoff in drawing attention to the fact that we were upset. There was real value in complaining to your mother that something was wrong. However, as we get older, the strategy begins to produce diminishing returns. What are the...

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AN-003 | Full Circle at Wyndham’s

SHOW NOTES For three glorious months, back in the Summer of In 2014, I was very honoured and privileged to be understudy to the great Bill Nighy in the revival of David Hare's 'Skylight' at Wyndham's Theatre, directed by Stephen Daldry. This is a little story about luck, fate, and synchronicity, cause and effect - call it what you will. It has a longish preface because it revolves around this very significant event in my life. In order for the jewel to shine, it need to be bedded in the right setting - so bear with me!   REFERENCES...

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