Month: February 2013

Standing with Stones

I have to plug my film from time to time … after all, it did take up two years of my life! In 2005 my dear friend Rupert Soskin and I threw caution to the wind and embarked upon the production of an epic documentary film – a travelogue visiting the standing stones, stone circles and other ancient sites of Britain, Ireland and Scotland. It took two years and the result, of which we are very proud, is ‘Standing with Stones‘ and the trailer is above. There’s a dedicated website here where you can find out...

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At the British Museum

I love the British Museum. It is a space of wonders. From antiquity to the present, objects that speak of the extraordinary vision, creativity and determination of human beings – presented in a way that makes it seem that they were fashioned yesterday. Meet the Ancestor’s Brain. It’s also yours … Anyway, here are some snaps from a visit yesterday from my phone. (I had assumed a proper camera would be forbidden – but photography is allowed). They’re just the tiniest sample of the things that caught my eye – there’s so much there that sensory overload is easily...

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10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job

This is a great article by James Altucher and can be read in full at TechCrunch.  Mr. Altucher’s thesis is that if you want to keep yourself in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed or indeed to increase your wealth, you need to stop thinking in terms of a job. He says you need to have the ‘creative idea’ to keep a roof over your head. What he misses however,  is that there is a way of working for yourself – but with someone else’s ‘creative idea”. The fact is, you could start tomorrow, earning money and working for...

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