Month: January 2012

Wise words from a top casting director …

A few days ago I wrote a piece about actor’s showreels. At heart, it was a plea for good advice from anyone out there who might have a take on my particular situation (returning to acting after a break of 12 years) and help get me clear about which direction to take when approaching what has now become an all-important tool in the casting process. Of course, I wanted to reach as wide an audience as possible – I shared via my professional Facebook page and Twitter – but underlying all this is the need for publicity in the right...

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I’m fascinated by the number of businesses there are offering to make (as opposed to edit) actors showreels. Obviously there are many actors just starting out that don’t have a screen track record and therefore no access to professional footage of themselves to share so, of course, the only answer is to manufacture what you need. I am falling into this category – although I am an experienced actor, I am returning after a longish gap and any screen footage of me there may be is inaccessible and out of date anyway. So, when a showreel is seeming almost...

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