Month: December 2011

Geek angst

Don’t you just hate it when all you want to do when you start out in the morning is place a small item in your blog that puts a PayPal button NEXT to a small description of the item you’re selling in a nice format – and you’re thinking “there must be a handy little plug-in for WordPress that will just insert a little table on the page that will help you do just that, no need for HTML coding and all that – and after trying out 6 plug-ins that might do the job discover that none of...

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My first guitar review: Goulding Bohemian

My dedicated guitar website ‘Beautiful Guitars‘ gets quite a few hits now – to the extent that I’ve been invited by some of the smaller, independent guitar makers to write about some of their work. The first result of taking up this offer is now available. I’ve reproduced some of it here – for the full works click here! Presence. No, not the curiously named knob in the EQ section of your amp. I’m talking about something closer to style or charisma, perhaps. Something we’d all like a little bit more of. You know, the idea that you could...

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Michael Bott

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