Month: December 2009

Ancient Temple Architects May Have Been Chasing a Buzz From Sound Waves

ORIGINAL ARTICLE AT VIEWZONE.COM Emerging archaeology in a new study highlighted by the Old Temples Study Foundation suggests that sound and a desire to harness its effects may have been equally important as vision in the design of humankind’s earliest ancient temples and monumental buildings. Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) December 1, 2009 — Six-thousand-year-old ancient temples are giving up acoustic clues for modern scientists. Intriguing new research on ancient temples in Malta and highlighted by the Old Temples Study Foundation is resonating through international archaeology and interdisciplinary classics research. Reaching beyond the scope of traditional archaeology, a multi-disciplinary approach has...

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Homemade baffle for my guitar rig

I POSTED THIS TO THE OFFICIAL JOE BONAMASSA MESSAGE BOARD A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. MY ATTEMPT TO EMULATE JOE BONAMASSA’S CONTROL OF SOUND ON STAGE. I have known for a long time about Joe’s live set up with the perspex baffle in front of the cabs – all makes sense. And I have been experiencing those problems that forever have you going back and forth to the amp(s) trying to balance the sound in rehearsal and live situations. There never seems to be a happy medium between good tone and bleeding ears, to put it bluntly. A couple...

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‘Standing with Stones’ accepted for 2010 Archeology Channel Film Festival

I am really pleased to announce that our film ‘Stranding with Stones’ (see trailer in sidebar right) has been chosen from 100 entrants to be one of 19 films to be screened in the 2010 Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival. I have been told by the event’s organiser, Richard Pettigrew, that this year’s submissions (from 32 countries) have been of particularly high standard which gives Rupert and I further reason to be proud to have our film accepted. The Archaeology Channel is, if you like, the media shop window of the Archaeological Legacy Institute whose mission is:...

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Slideshow of pics from Joe Bonamassa concert in Nottingham

What an absolutely amazing evening. Not only is this man a truly great and inspiring guitar player but he is an entertainer as well. If you enjoy classic guitar based rock/blues inspired by the great names of British rock from the 60’s and 70’s dashed with spice from the Mississippi Delta – give him a listen. He’ very much his own man but Clapton, Beck, Page, Green – even John McLaughlin – as well as B.B. King and Sonny Boy Williamson are present...

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