Month: November 2009

A Leader in Your Own LIfe

Just now, sitting here at the beginning of the day, I noticed that I was experiencing resistance to all the things I need to do. Well, surprise, surprise I hear you say – welcome to the human race! Yes, of course – we all experience resistance to thing we have to do on a daily basis, whether it is a fundamental as going to work, walking the dog or filling in a tax return. That’s all fair game. There are things out there that we just plain old “don’t want to do”. However, we still do them and whether...

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Breaking the breakdown/breakthrough cycle

If you have been stuck – in breakdown, listening to negative thoughts/beliefs etc. – once you breakthrough to that space of creativity again, it is very important that you create in that space rather than just bask or revel in it. Very often, the reason we were in breakdown in the first place is that we were not getting the results we desired – not enough money; didn’t get the job we wanted; relationships not good – and on and on. In other words, life was not giving us the feedback that reassures us and tells us that it’s...

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Michael Bott

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