Month: September 2009

Why would I need a life coach anyway?

Well, you don’t need a life coach. No one does. You’ll still be here tomorrow without a coach. And the day after. And the day after that, most likely. But you may at some time have had the idea that you would prefer that tomorrow and the days after occur differently to you than they did yesterday and the days before. That’s where a coach may be useful. If you’ve arrived here then you have more than a passing interest in personal development in general and your own development in particular. But what does that mean? What is coaching? What...

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Two Questions to Change Your World

The following post is reproduced by permission of supercoach Michael Neill and is from his weekly newsletter. He is one of my favourites of the more well known and published coaches out there. Recommend you visit “Over 700 years ago, the Fransiscan friar William of Ockham posited a simple idea that has become a universal tool for sifting through the numerous theoretical constructs that abound in nearly every school of science, philosophy and theology. The tool, known as “Ockham’s Razor”, states: “Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem” which according to my trawl around the internet can be translated...

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Moving away from, going towards …

A question: is your movement through live a “moving away from” or is it a “going towards”? Is it driven by fear or by inspiration, repulsion or desire? Your answer is crucial and telling as to whether you experience is one of permanently feeing stuck or moving with ease and grace towards your goals. The problem is, no matter what it is we think we want, we will always move towards or at least be tethered by that which we focus on. For instance, if you wish to be famous in order to move away from a belief that...

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Mastery – a convoluted self endorsment …

I am reading about mastery. Steve Zaffron (CEO of the VANTO Group) speaks of a term coined by Kenneth Burke – “terministic screen” – a set of symbols that becomes a kind of screen or filter through which the world makes sense to us. In asking myself what major decisions I made about myself and what was ‘wrong’, it occurred to me that at more than one juncture I have decided and re-enforced a negative notion that I am sure I share with others. Namely, that I could not trust myself not to upset or offend others by my...

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